Wednesday, 22 May 2013


                                         Buffalo -  He can be a nasty boy if he wants to be.
                                          It was terrible hot here you can see these Elephants
                                          hiding  in the shade and to the left there was one lying
                                          down which you do not see very often, first time we
                                         This is the Pestana Kruger LodgeWe saw so much
                                         game while we were sitting on our balcony.  It was
                                         lovely and hope to go back again.

I have been sick and spent a weekend in ICU  Fibrillation of the heart.   It is a terrible place hospitals,  most of the staff are wonderful and gentle and friendly,  but then again,  My Goodness you can get the odd one should not be allowed near a hospital!!!!    I do not like to complain incase one has to go back and they remember you.   I am still not too well,  going back on Friday, and hope to be better again soon.
Have not done any challenges, but it is Tony's birthday on Monday, so I want to make his card to day, it is all cut yesterday so should make it then will enter it in a chllenge.   I never win much!!!!


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, it sure looks like you had a wonderful time in the wild.
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MaryH said...

Pam, so sorry to hear you have not been tip-top. Sure hope it is getting better for you. When I check in to visit, something is asking me for a user name & a password. Not sure why this is! Loved your beautiful pictures, and thanks so much for sharing them. And take care & get all well. Hugs

Pumpy said...

Thanks my friends, Better now thanks xx