Sunday, 19 April 2009


South Africa is going to the Polls on Wednesday. There are 16 Political Parties to choose from.
The ANC is the present Government, offical opposition is the Democratic Alliance. Cope is a party recently formed, which is a split away from the ANC. But I do not know if they have the experience or been on the scene long enough.
As always it is good to have a good opposition, so we hope for that. I do not think the ANC will be defeted. The opinian polls have predicted that ANC 60% DA 15% and COPE 15%.
There has been some ill feelings at political gatherings between ANC and COPE. However we have bee assured by the IEC and the police that voting will be peaceful.
From Our Church Leaflet:
Dear Heavenly Father we pray for our country at this time of the elections. We earnestly beseech you that calm may prevail and a freedom from violence so that all my be able to vote without fear or hindrance. May you will prevail. Guide us as to whom we whould vote for. We pray that all who are elected may realize that all authority comes from you. May they accept the solemn responsiblility of the task ahead and that they are accountable to all our citizens and above all, to you. May they rule with justice and integrity for the good of our country and not self advancement. We entrust this our Land into Your hands.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

Please pray with us


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Hoping that the voting will all go well. You certainly have a lot of different parties to choose from, we usually have 2 popular parties and then a few that hang in there for "just in case" they get lucky. Is this concern for voting involve you also? I guess we just don't appreciate that we don't have those problems right here, but one never knows what will happen and when. My prayers will be with you for all of this.

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