Friday, 17 April 2009


Little Micayla, is not so little anymore. She is a big baby and very strong, was holding her head firmly from a very early age, also her teething seemed to be early. But the most amazing thing she is crawling already 2 weeks ago, and she was born 15 September 2009. I think this is amazing. Such a special little thing, always happy and clapping her hands in glee. She is also a thumb sucker.

Oh, the thumb suckers, THUMB
may look wrinkled, wet and withered
and as white as snow
but the taste of a thumb
is the sweetest tast yet
(as only we thumb suckers know)

I used Kit Blindsight Designs_annandandy

The thumb sucker was taken from a book I have Expressions by Adrienne Lubbe and Bonny Phillips.

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