Friday, 27 February 2009


We had people for lunch on Sunday for lunch. Fred, Maureen, Tania, Rudi, Macyla, and the Cantello there were 4 of them, Tylar and Chelsy came with them, it is good to have children around keeps you on your toes. I know I always say it Macyla is a big baby, had two teeth and is not 6 months old yet. She was born 15 Sept. 2009. 5 months old, at the rate she is going I am sure she will miss school and go straight to University !!!!!! The weather was not too bad, we have had a lot of rain this year, as every where in the world seems to be have a lot of something.
We ate heartily, Roast whole rump, potato salad, butter bean salad, I made a lovely, even though I say so myself, Tomato, onion, celery and chuncks of cream cheese. Home made bread (don't you believe the bread story, I buy the dough from the bakery, naughty girl).

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