Friday, 27 February 2009


Our Farm is about 3/4 hr. drive away from the dam. Tony and I came to have lunch and spend some time with our friends. All the photographs were taken by Tony or me. The informations at the bottom of the photos has been taken from

The Vaal Dam is bigger than Luxembourg. It consists of a separate water system that is completely clean. The water has comes from two sources, the Vaal River and now the Wilge River. It is the Wilge River that receives fresh mountain water form the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. This water is mountain pure and is the water that is supplied to the municipalities of Johannesburg.
The Vaal Dam has over 800kms of coast line and covers an area in excess of three hundred square kilometres. It is South Africa's biggest dam by area and the third largest by volume.The Lesotho Highlands Water Project feeds fresh clean water into the system in order to supply drinking water to Gauteng and environs. The first phase is in operation and this now provides a stable and reliable water level. When the next phase is introduced it will supply drinking water to Johannesburg for the next 25 years or so.
The dam has its own island (almost 5kms long) that was used for secret meetings during the old government days. The sleepy town of Deneyesville was used as a stop over point by the old Britannia Airways flying boats. The place is full of history and fun.
Many world class events take place here including the annual "Round The Island" yacht race - a race that has been in the Guinness Book of Records for being the "Largest Inland Yacht Race in the World". Several large events take place here including Keelboat Week and the Bayshore 200km jetski race, and now the Bayshore Marina Vaal Dam Treasure Hunt.
The dam is unique in that three provinces make up the coastline. The Free State is the largest by area, Mpumalanga has a beautiful but rural coastline and the most active by far is the Gauteng coastline. This is where you should be.
Property and leisure activities have exploded on the Gauteng side and prices are climbing rapidly. The Dam has been discovered and the smart money is moving in early. Already certain properties have seen a huge increase in prices in the last few years.

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