Thursday, 6 November 2008


Saturday night at the farm, I was very uncomfortable, had trouble with my neck could hardly lay down, then in the small hours, it started in my chest and back. Well old bright spark here thought I was having a Cardiac episode (Like they say in Days of Our Lives, who watches that rubbish, I DO) I lay there and panicked for a couple of hours. When Tony woke I said I think must go home, he had a few things to finish off, no prob. Eventually we set off, did not want to worry the old man. It takes an hour to get back to Johannesburg. Then I said I think we must go to the Clinic, eventually arrive there, have all the toot and they say not episode but lung infection. Well we all relaxed a bit. All were jumping down my throat, now that I was not on my way out. Because I did not tell how bad I thought it was. OH Well, all well that ends well. At least I got to see my Darling Babies!!!!! Now u can see why some people put these episodes on !!! LOL

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Angela said...

glad you're OK. thanks for following my blog.