Saturday, 8 November 2008


Tony and I love taking the GrandDarlings out, as all Grandparents do, We went out for lunch to Mikes Kitchen, for lunch, it is a good place lots of places for the kids to play. Swings and Jumping Castles and that type of thing. The trouble was they fob the children off with underrated food, you know what I mean the chips were stale, and the chicken strips were crispy they were so dry. I complained at the end of the meal, I do not want trouble if I send it back, one hears all sorts of stroies. But next time will not except it, and go elsewhere, most people go there because of the kids. Our food was quite good.
After lunch we went shopping at Cresta, put Cassidy in a trolly, Lee would not get in, had to ride on the front. We went to Woolworths (Marks and Spencers UK) and the fun began, Lee knew the size of him and her and he ran round as though we were at a sale plonking all kinds of goodies in the trolly, well we had to keep a firm eye, or is it strict eye? on him and get rid of some of the stuff. Great fun was had by all, Tony and I after paying for the cloths, gratefully went home, to have a good rest. The parents came in the evening to collect them. Now we still have Father Christmas to face. We laughed and loved every minute of it but glad to send them home again !!! All well and ready for the next time.
Credits for the Scrappage, Tony Photo. Jan Hosford and dcorbitt_autumnfrolic.
Tony photo. Linda Calm Blue

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