Friday, 17 January 2014


We are the happy parents of two puppies,  We thought they were Staffies and paid accordingly.  ! But we sometimes wonder,  we will see.
They arrived in November so they are still quite young, and do they keep us on the hop.
There names are Tammy and Annie.  But Annie woke up on Tuesday sick, off to the vet we went, Medication and injections all pumped into poor little her.  Took her home and the next day worse to cut a long story short she has been in Doggie Hospital,  really looks like she has pulled through and  Vet said she will phone us when we can collect her.  Getting excieted.  The vet says she is sure it was Polvo Virus  (?)  which is a bad one,  now we have to keep our eye on little Tammy.  All their inoculations were up to date, cannot fathom where she picked it up.



Desire Fourie said...

Such lovely photos of your 4-legged friends. Pleased to hear that Annie is going to be okay. xxx
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

MaryH said...

Pam, such cuties! Good thing you got Puppy to the vet fast...that parvo virus can be deadly if not treated super fast. Hope your other Puppy stays healthy. These are adorable babies, and what fun you will have as they grow. Looking forward to seeing lots of neat pictures of the 2 of them. Good luck with the health too. TFS & Hugs