Monday, 13 January 2014


Oh my, I am so happy with this Album, always wanted to make one, so I stopped procrastinating and got down to it,   I was going to give it away, but no no I love it too much.
When you give yourself a present you can always be sure you are going to love it!!!!

A bit crazy in the head am I..
You can watch this blog and I am going to make some more and then I will sell them  (to  who?  or is it whom.  This damn English language I just have to go along now will my ignorance of my first language English.  
I have been at it for many wears now, cannot teach an  old dog  new tricks.  So they say and I am going  to take them at that.

In my Happy Jar I am going to mention these   Albums of mine!!!   I bet you wish I would shut up about the damn Albums.

I saw this tutorial:


MaryH said...

Hey Pam, Your 1st album is just lovely, and I think it is a fine present to give to a most special person who will appreciate all the hard work that went into the making: YOU! I had to laugh at this post, I could just hear you about the language. It is quite difficult at times - yes? I've read that English is one of the hardest languages to learn. I speak 'southern English' and have a Yankee friend who laughs at me for it. (I do know proper English, but now that I'm retired, I speak like I want!). Yes you CAN teach an ole dog new tricks...we are bloggers, aren't we? But admittedly, it was a bit hard for me. Not sure how it was for you! I'm still learning, and it's fun, I met such good & sweet friends all over the world, so it's been a blessing. Sure hope that 2014 will be a banner year for you, that your tired is all better and looking forward to seeing more of your albums. I've never made one...I'm stuck in doing just cards! Hugs & TFS & for giving me a nice chuckle this afternoon!

Loz said...

Fantastic album for a first one Pumpy.. I Love it..Loz

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow my friend, this is a gorgeous little project and I can see why you want to keep it to yourself. It would be great for adding those special photos. Perhaps you must create an album like this with photos of the farm.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}