Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hi all my wonderful friends,  I have decided that I am going to broaden my outlook this year and try a lot of new and marvelous  methods, of paper crafting  must not get caught up with challenges only, love them though, but a bit of a tunnel vision for me.
Last year I bought myself a Zutter, now I have decided I must go into this and learn how to make little books and journals etc. etc.
I have so much stuff that stands around doing nothing, I feel quite ashamed of myself.  So will be looking for a lot of tutorials on how to use what.   AND  to cut it all pardon the pun I want to buy myself a Silhouette Cameo  I have the Studio, but not too sure about that, think the bigger one is better any ideas for me please.  I think the cameo cuts thicker card,   I have a lot of trouble cutting with the studio.  I have great intentions of going next week,  but my damn car needs a  cam done or something, so cannot go till that get done, and all people are on holiday.    To try and get a Doctor is terrible, I know all must have holidays,  but this is ludicrous.  !!!!  I seem to be straying away from the point a bit sorry.   I am going to make a Rosette now and show you all.   Something else I want to know I have a crafters  companion,  but think maybe I need a score board, if so which one.
Something else I have a Xyron  Permanent Adhesive  - create a sticker,   who in there right mind wants one of those, bought it years ago, been sitting on a shelf gathering dust..
I do not want to mentions the Patch work Material I have!!!!!!    

Another quick little note for you, have you noticed I have a lot of trouble spelling     LOL...


Desire Fourie said...

Pam please remember to let me know when your cameo is installed and operational so that I can start placing my orders! No jokes serious business.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

Jackie C said...

I like the 12" x 12" Martha Stewart scoreboard. Great for making rosettes too!