Monday, 21 January 2013


Hi my friends,  so glad to have had a few more lovelies join me this week,  it really makes me happy, as I am sure it does when we come and follow you.  You all do such wonderful work and over the last year I have learnt a lot form you all,  as I mentions I am going to try and do an Art Journal, but you know when you start anything new it is the first step that it the hardest.  I must say I have been putting a lot of thought into it, so I suppose that is a start.
The weather is warm here in Johannesburg, had a few dull day and a bit of rain,  we always happy to have a bit of rain.  It gets dry and dustry here end of Jan and Feb sometimes and very hot.  I hate being hot, I think my thermometor is not set correctlhy I am always hotter than everyone else,  quite embarassing, best to sit HERE in air conditioning.  As a matter of interest there are some children in this country that have never seen rain, never mind about snow,  if interested I will look into it and let you know more about these places.
I am away to the farm until Thursday,  hope I get a connection there,  otherwise I am at a real lose end and not tooooooooo  happy at all.   Maybe then I can organise and clean up this Laptop!!!
This is a picture when we had a fire last summer.  My brother lives in this house.  The Vaal river is behind the house in the dip, and we are between river and brothers house.

Go well all of you and have a creative and safe week.  

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Desire Fourie said...

Pam your journal sounds like a lot of fun. Yes, we were very happy to have some cooler weather and lovely rain over the weekend. The farm looks idyllic and I can see why you go and hide there often - I am sure it recharges the batteries nicely. Have a safe trip there and back and chat later this week again.