Saturday, 10 November 2012


Well done for catching and charging  Thai national, The most senior figure in a rhino horn smuggling ring ever convicted in South Africa, has ben sentenced for 40 year in JAIL.
Manyathi the Magistrate refered to rhinos as the pride of Africa  (Pumpys opion the world)
I don't want a situation where my grandchildren will only see rhinos in newspapers" he said.
"It's a (loud warning) to the community and the Asian block that these actions will not be tolerated," he said.
When Manyathi handed down the heavy sentence - Animal activists in court were pleased and surprised and hugged each other.
Lemtongthai (the National) remained pokerfaced throughout sentencing, and left quickly down the stairs to the cells once the case was concluded.

The Lawyer said Lemtongthai  was having hard times adjusting to prison because he couldn't  speak any of the local languages, and couldn't stomach the food.   (SHAME  POOR  BASTARD)

The Star November 9 2012.
Written by Shaun Smillie

Copied and  bits added by Pumpy.

Kruger Park - Byamiti Bush Camp 


Desire Fourie said...

Ditto, Pam - they had an insert on Kyknet's TV news last night of how he orchestrated a rhino hunt - they had to shoot the rhino so many times before he fell and one could here how the injured rhino was crying whilst wounded and trying to run from the hunters - very cruel!!

Pumpy said...

I really is a crying shame how people can be so cruel, then he complains that he does not like it in Jail, I hope they are so cruel to him, I know it is not Christian to say this, but I do.