Monday, 6 August 2012


Good day all my lovely friends,  Monday again, how time flies,  the weather here is sunny with a bit of a chill, but it is winter, I keep telling my self that.
I bet most of you will be crafting to day, I want to organize my photos, have them printed etc.  So I can finish some challenges the happy story of my life.
It is wonderful about the Curiosity, how exciting, can imagine all the great information it will send us over the next few years.
The Olympics is going along in a good atmosphere,  a pity about the bottle being thrown,  luckily a bronze medal Judo lady was sitting behind him and kept him pinned down until the authorities arrived.  Always get someone who spoils it for the rest.
Another shooting in the USA.  what a terrible shame, I wonder what that is all about.
Hope you are all safe and happy with your lifes and crafting,   I am off now also going to cut this damn hair of mine, the older I get the worse it gets!!!! 
I would like someone in Gauteng to let me know if they know someone who will help me to sell a few bits on my blog, I have no idea how to do it. So I need and IT.  
Oh well I have the things I love.    

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