Saturday, 4 August 2012



 The Kit I used for this Layout was designed by De De Smith.
Well my good peeps,  followers s, old and new,  love you all.  
Here is a  Digital Scrap page I did of  for her Birthday, before she got in a mess!!!!!  7 years old, glad I am not that young,  would not mind feeling younger, but can't so must not moan.  We are going to the Birthday party this afternoon  (Saturday) us and about 1million other Mom, Dads and Kids. Another kid who will not be there is our little Lee, he has gone camping with his Mom.   Thanks goodness it is a nice day.  I must remember not to stuff myself or Olga will become the Orga LOL  just as well she does not come and visit me.   (Olga is my dietician,  I think I drive her mad, but that is another story!!!)

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