Wednesday, 6 June 2012


During my patch work fase, I bought an up to date Bernina Artista 185,  fancy cases for transporting,   keen -when I buy I buy!!!!
Anyway, decided to sell, could do with the cash. Being trying for a while.  Anyway on Saturday got a taker  R10.000.00  he said he would do an Electronic Transfer,  I got my confirmation on Cell phone,  (I thought)  just got so excited, nearly jumped out of my skin.  Loaded up the Machines  and off we went about 45 min drive but what the heck I had sold my machine.   The man was not there when we got there, then he phoned us and told us his friend would meet us somewhere else,  after a lot of confusion off we went to a park somewhere,  why there we are still asking ourselves,   we picked up Paul who made us park our car, just about then a police car drove by, and he would not let us open our boot, he said we were not allowed to do business there,  (but another question we ask ourselves, how can the police stop people from opening their car boots??)  anyway the suckers  (US)  left car and contents and walked with him into the funny little car boot sale section.  We were there for 1 min. then Paul said we must leave,   Another question  what was all the fuss and effort about,  you must realise these questions are only asked once we realise we are idiots. So we pile back into the car us and our new friend Paul, and off we drive on another complicated drive around, arrive at this house, drop off our possessions  Paul included.  Watched him walk over the street and to the gate of the house, then the idiots drove off as happy as Larry.   Not checking to see if our sale and Paul went in.  Another question???
I was really hurt.  Tony is such a cautious person really a pain he is so careful.  So now  I am blaming him.
The moral of the story make very sure any communication you get from the bank is authentic

But the bright side of the sorry story is,  I won a prize for one of my cards,      Every dark cloud has a silver lining.


Desire Fourie said...

Pam I am just so relieved to hear that you and Tony are both okay, this could have had a very dangerous and tragic ending - you driving around a stranger ... the mind just boggles with what could have happened. So I think you should now just stick to cardmaking!!

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Pumpy said...

Oh Golly Desire, you make me laugh, with the sticking to card making. But I never thought of what could have happened to us personally, he could have had a gun, not unusual. The Lord was looking after us on Saturday, that is for sure.

Elizabeth said...

Pam I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through. Try not to blame yourself or Tony, these people are scum. I for one am glad you didn't 'click on' as your friend said you don't know what could have happened, you can replace objects but not people. So dust yourself off and have a hug from me. Karma's a wonderful thing, I'm a great believer of what goes around comes around xx

Pumpy said...

Yes Elizabeth I am also a believer what goes around comes around. It that you Our Elizabeth?

Elizabeth said...

Yes your friend from Scotland xxx

Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

OMG Pam, you and Tony are very, very lucky that nothing bad happened to either one or both of you. That was quite a scam, and as somebody already mentioned, those type of people are scum. Thank the Lord you are both o'kay. Yep, card making is your forté--it wouldn't hurt to stick to that.

Pumpy said...

Lovely to see you here Bernie and your concern, yes we were very luck, our Grdian Angels was sure looking after us, so silly we were. I will come calling to day, really have been so busy and got myself into an even bigger muddle. Can u believe it. Lovies to both of you Pam xxx