Saturday, 28 May 2011


Elaine gave Isabele (In the middle) a little lunch party for her, celebrating her 80th Birthday, and well she is looking as well, we had a great Fish Pie among other great goodies wonderful Cheese Cake with heapes of cherried on top, jum and a Hazel nut mouse, I had both!!! Valda in blue Elains sister helped with the pouring of the wine and general dogs body, a good job she did, will remember that next time I have a party. Do not tell Valda.
The weather was wonderful, and we sat outside on the patio, this time of the year is great weather, not too hot and of course not cold either.

Elaine gave Isabe


Anonymous said...

Had a lovely time and thank you for the compliment! Will help you any time, you just have to give me some lessons.
Lovely to have you at my side Pam, you give me so much encouragement and strength.
Lovies xxxx

Anonymous said...

Must say the card you made was birthday card was beautiful and very unique.

fialka012 said...