Tuesday, 12 April 2011

70 YEAR - ME

Wendy (many years a good friend of Tracy's) This is her Dannie and her little boy Daniel. He is so sweet, anothe one who had such a wonderful time at the party, making one hell of a mess !!!!!

Geoff and Val Spinks.

This is my niece Tanja and her Husband Rudi

Tracy our Daughter giving the speech.
Me and my friend Valda

The Speech again, was not that long a speech!! Cassidy, Tracy's daughter is standing next to her and Lee Gordon's son and then Gordon.

We were lucky it rained a bit but then cleared up well enough for the kids to play cricket on the lawn with Shirley. I think the kids had more fun than adults, did they go mad, what mess and noise in the house. But what is a family gathering with out the children enjoying themselves. Love them.

Val, Anne and Valda putting the world to wrights. It will take more that them that is for sure.
MMichael Ralston, our friend we met him when he was still at school.LLee and the other kids.

My brother Fred and his wife Maureen they live at the farm in Parys.
Our Happy Chappy Eddie, do not think he ever gets cross !!
The Dining room waiting for all the Starving.

We all had a great time, Tony was taking the photos that is why there is not photo of him. Also many of our friends did not take very good photos and we want all of you to think we have very good looking friends.......


Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

Hey Pam, are you in these pictures. The last one is you and your husband??? Congratulations on the 70 years and also the weight loss. You look super if it's you. Hugzzzzzzz

LilyBelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Pam! It looks like you had a wonderful party.

Big Hugs and good wishes for many more birthdays. :)

Pumpy said...

Thanks your Girls. No, Bernie you have it wrong, I must still label the photos, I am the fat on in theflu e dress, mys husband was taking the photos. xxxx

Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

O'kay, I see you now, and I think you look super and that you have definitely lost weight, at least it looks it to me. Congratulations on your birthday, I'm a tad ahead of you--LOL! Life gets better as you go along, just keep thinking young!!!

Kerry said...

Looks like you had a wonderful birthday Pam. Wouldn't it be great if we could vivist people in other countries as fast as you can their blogs xxx

Pumpy said...

Yes it would be wonderful, all our friend together. xxx