Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I remember once some girls were saying they liked Gimp. It is like Paint Shop I think.
I found a disk with it on the other day, and installed it now must try and get
going with it. Does any of you girls have any ideas for me, always ready to
pick someones brains. I find that easier than trying to find information and
read up about it. I would love to design a page or two, but have no idea about how to
go about it. Angela from Toucan Scraps gave some lesson at Rakscraps, which I must go back to and try and finish the course, it was very good, and somewhere to start.


LilyBelle said...

Pumpy, have a look at these blogs. This lady, was an active RAKScraps member at one time and she was using GIMP to design freebies and now I think she sells kits. One of these links has tutorials that she has written.

Pumpy said...

Thank you Lilybelle. off there now. xx