Friday, 29 October 2010


I made this pretty little flower yesterday out of paper, got all instructions from CRAFTUPRINT. I must say, I quite like it myself.

This programme, seemed to pop onto my hard drive, it is called FUN TIME Is there anyone out there in the mysterious world of cyber happen to know how the hell I managed to get it onto this poor Laptop of mine, It is a wonder the poor thing does not give up the ghost. What I get up to here is a sin, not mortal I hope. Wish I had an I.T. person living next door, sure they would move quickly but till then I got them.


LilyBelle said...

The flower is GORGEOUS. I don't know how it appeared on your computer if you didn't install it BUT here's the link for the homepage of this software ...
Wish I had more free time and I would be tempted to buy a copy and try it out.

Pumpy said...

I will give it a go LB. but I think it is some advertising something or other maybe for a few months.