Saturday, 10 April 2010


A rhino poaching syndicate has received a knockout blow from the local organised crime unit after seven of their members were arrested late last year.
The investigation came after a rhino carcass was found at Langspruit in Marloth Park on November 6.
It gained momentum in December when two poachers were caught by area game wardens in the Kruger National Park where they were hunting rhino.
The wardens were in the vicinity when they heard faint explosive sound and found poachers hunting.
Poachers last year filled a total of 50 rhino in the Kruger Park along.
A third suspect was later arrested and evidence found that they used R-1 rifles to shoot the animals. The horns are sold on the international market of up to R40,000/kg.
Further leads were followed up and Gert Jacobus Stephanus Lund was arrested in Johannesburg. He allegedly supplied the poaching trio with rifles and ammunition and was involved in the selling of rhino horn.
Two further poachers were caught in separate incidents. A Chinese national, who is alleged to have been involved in selling and the distribution of of horns, Juan Feng Cia from Bedfordview, was also later arrested.
The syndicate was allegedly involved in the killing of nine rhino, most of them cows. Among the rhino was a small calf and its horn was also harvested.

I took this article from The Citizen, Thursday 8 April, 2010 written by Gerhard Rheeder.

NOT wishing to confuse the photos of the rhinos at the top are not dead they were taken by me in the Kruger National Park.

The world is terrible, this and other stories from around the world make me want to cry. What oh what can be done by us to help?

I have thought of something, If all the evil ones fell over and slept for a week, then we could see who they are!!!! I cannot wish more evil than that I must also be judged, but I hope I am not one to fall down and sleep for a week. God Bless.


Fabrizio said...

Hello, Goeje More ! (sp?)

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. You can get the punch from Stampin' Up. It's called Extra Large Double Step Bird Punch. The punch weighs 500 grams so I don't know how much the postage would be for South Africa but I can find out for you. X Fab

crosstown said...

Such a sad and brutal world we live in! I think your idea is great. Hope I don't fall asleep too!

Desire Fourie said...

Animal poaching is so sad. Thanks for raising awareness here.