Thursday, 8 April 2010

How to lose weight by eating healthy

How to lose weight by eating healthy

NOW I am going to take my friends advice, mind u I have been doing a lot of swimming, but for a few week have been naughty with the nibbles, and a few drinkiepoos, as Haf would way.
My best advise on how to loose weight is never to put it on in the first place, because once it is here it comes and goes, like the weather!!!! only comparison I could think of at the moment.


crosstown said...

I haven't been here much latly but am going to check in more often. I wish I had a way to do more swimming but we live too far away from the pools. The nibbles can be my probplem too especially at night. Eating healthy is good advice.

Pumpy said...

I do not always do so. !!!!!!