Saturday, 6 March 2010


I must tell you that I can really overload my pate in more ways than one. Still have not got the hang of the new Lap Top, but luckily got the printer to work eventually, now I am posting over from my overloaded hard drive, not wishing to get into the mess I was in before. Going very carefully trying to keep everything where they should be, this new one is mainly for internet and photographs, wish I love doing if only I had the time, would love to do a bit of designing, but the imagination does not run that far.
Yesterday we went and upgraded our cell phone, to a Nokia N97, well, well, I can tell you that has turned my hair grey. Only just found out how to get my contacts from the sim card. Now I can do face book and blog from there Haaa Ha and LOL. Goodness knows when. I really bought the big phone cause I always have it with me for the odd photo, my other camera is to big to carry all the time.
My beading is also calling, but not loudly enough. !!!!!

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