Friday, 26 February 2010


Hi my Friends,
I bought myself a new laptop, thrilled with it, but what a job to get it all set up properly, and get the damn printer to print, still battling with that one, so tomorrow I will be trying to do that. As for Skype I now have two accounts, I was hoping that I could just pop my original over too the new Lap Top. I have a desk top with all the goodies on but, I am not going to get this one in the muddle the other on is in, and then to make matters worse I have an external hard drive, which I mainly work with, I think that one is supposed to back up on the external one and use these, so I am really going to be concentrating very much. I must get down and do a bit of all the other things I enjoy doing and get in a tiz cause cannot finish all the jobs I have given myself. I am sure I sound like a lot of you. Go Well all of you, will let you know how I get on. Very slowly if I know myself!!!!!

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