Sunday, 10 January 2010


The farmers arrived in the area as part of the Great Trek, started in the Cape in 1836, led by Andries Hendrik Potgieter. They settled in Potchefstroom in 1841. Those who settled further afield, had to travel long distances to Kroonstad and Potchefstroom for Holy Communion (Nagmaal ) they had been debating and canvassing for a place nearer to their farms to congregate for this purpose. When the decision was taken to establish a settlement with a church in their vicinity they agreed to use the name Vreedfort meaning place of peace. Signifying that the farming community was at peace as last.

This is not the original Church.
Information: Meteorite Impact


Desire Fourie said...

great reading some interesting things about our beautiful country


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A beautiful photo, that sky is so blue. Thank you for visiting my site, I hope to see you back there.