Wednesday, 27 January 2010


This is the Vaal River, in front of our farm, Our house is build 700 Mts away from the river, cause I was frightened that someone would blow up the Vaal Dam wall and we would get washed away, funny what people think.!!!! A few years ago they caught a few people who were planning it!! can you believe it.

We have had so much rain up here, that the Vaal Dam in overflowing and they are opening the sluice gates. More Photos to follow

This of course this photos is the usual one, the quite Vaal.


Nettie said...

Amazing Pumpy! hope the floods clear soon. Have you heard anything from Adele (craft u crazy) ?? she hasn't posted for 3 months or so, very unlike her, hope she is OK.

Pumpy said...

So, do I Nettie, will go and have a look see. xxx