Sunday, 2 August 2009


We are off to the party at 12.00hr.

All packed up with the usual things Grandparents take to parties, Sweets, biscuits etc.

Please do not forget the present.

I want to buy her a pretty summer dress to cold now. So will give her a decorated box of junkie things and buy her the dress when it gets warmer, otherwise you know she will want to wear it now.

It is freezing cold here yesterday and today, usually we have lovely sunny days, they are having snow on the Leshoto mountains.

A granddaughter is a joy bringer

A granddaughter a heart warmer

A granddaughter a memory maker

A granddaughter is love

A granddaughter is you

Happy Birthday.


Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

Your writing is so nice and I bet the party was a lot of fun and your DGD will be looking forward to that pretty dress she will get when weather changes. Never heard of the Leshoto mountains before and would be interested to know more. Imagine, you're in the middle of winter and we have such humid weather here right now it's unbelievable. Great story of interest, and big Hi's to you and family!

Pumpy said...

I will let you know Leshoto is a country in the middle of S.A. but I will give you a bit of a Geography lesson!!! From this snow we get a lot of our water, as I say will give you more. The party was excieting for Cassidy, and sure she had a good time, glad to get home to the quite again !!!!!