Thursday, 30 July 2009

Speaker 'runs own business from council office'

Noni Mokati
Randfontein local municipaity speaker Caroline Setsiba is in hot water over corruption allegations.
Setsiba has allegedly been using council property to run her business, Afro Eve Trading Enterprise.
The enterprise is involved in micro short-term loans, sales of women's handbags and dishware.
Speaking on condition of anonoymity, a former councilor said it was time Setsiba's misconduct was exposed.
"She is supposed to be a custodian for all councillors and not abuse council time, facilities and staff members in furthering her own interests. It's as good as stealing from the public and this cannot be allowed.
"There is already a lack of public participation by government in the town.
"How does running a business from one's office address these challenges?" as the former councillor, adding that the mayor and chief whip were aware of, the speaker's activities.
Setsiba, who gets package of R450,000 a year is also said to have gone on a trip to New Jersey early last year.
The trip was apparently meant for community member Oupa Bila and a school child. Setsiba allegedly took her husband and daughter on the US trip.
Mayor Zeph Mhlongo and chief whip Mpho Nawa denied having knowledge of Setsiba's business activities on council property or funding the trip. -


Bernadette1 (Bernie) said...

It's a shame that this happens and I guess it's world wide. We had so much corruption uncovered in Boston, MA this past year, and yet they have pictures of the goings on, and they still deny it. And the taxpayers get stuck with trying to pay for their corrupted schemes. What more can one say, glad another was caught, but what do they do with them?

Pumpy said...

I know Bernie, nothing seems to be done, even thieves, Rapist etc seem to get off in this country, it is a wonderful place with a handful of corrupt selfseeking Bastards. The rest of the country are trying, the poverty here is amazing, the homeless children, starving and freezing, and thess Bastards are taking the food out of their mouths. But what amazes most is that the same Government gets voted in every time. My domestic helper did not vote at all because she does not like them, but does not understand cast your vote anywhere else. Oh dear God Bless Africa.