Friday, 8 May 2009


8 Things I look forward to:

My P.C.
Seeing my Grandchildren
Seeing the darlings go home!
Going to the Farm
Waking up with out a pain
Seeing my friends far away
My Blog getting more followers

8 Things I did yesterday:

Woke up with big pain knee
Went to P.C. and logged on
Had to go to Physio
Had a visit with Tracy my daughter
Went and bought some veg for supper
Got settled for evening of TV
Swollowed a glass of wine
Had a shower

8 Things I wish I could do:

Take a trip to the Antartic
Do a bit of travelling around the world
Love my neighbours ( I try ??)
Swollow a pill to lose weight
Find decent jobs for my children
Win a lotto and pay off bonds on kids houses.
Give a bit to those who need
Spend the rest

8 Things I watch:

Desperate Housewives
The Strip
Silent Witness
Greys Anatomy
BBC Food

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