Monday, 4 May 2009


Once a year we come to Millstream, our one and only time share, to do a bit of fly fishing, glad to get something on the other end of the rod!

Dullstroom is situated about 250 Km from Johannesburg, it takes about 2 .5 hours, the roads are very good so it is not too much of a hassle to get here. This place was nothing but a sleepy little village with one or two shops and not much more. Then it took off about 20 or so years ago, when Trout Fishing came into fashion. Trout are not indigenous to South Africa, they are bred and sold as fingerling's or bigger for these Trout Estates, farms big and small, rivers, streams. So it has grown into a big industry.
It is beautiful country, rolling hills, streams and these beautiful fishing Estates, and what have you.
Millstream covers an area of 440 ha and there are 27 cottages each sleeping 10 people.
They are selfcatering and serviced.
You are able to fish in 2 lakes - 7 dams - 13 weirs.

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