Wednesday, 25 March 2009


A little bit of good some of the community are trying to do. What a terrible thing hunger is, and to think that more than half the world are in need. These poor little souls have nothing, maybe even at night they have nothing to eat. I suppose that every little bit helps.

The feeding scheme at Robin Hills Primary School started by Janet Hunt who, being a teacher there and a member of our congregation, saw the need for sandwiches to be made for the children who were coming to school, having had no breakfast and many - no lunch. This has been an ongoing commitment from the Congregation.

Was formed at our church by our own minister Elisha Moloi to reach out to the community. Having heard of the desperate need for the learners at Robin Hills we met with staff where we were able to ascertain their needs.

We learnt that even though the school is being subsidized by the government witha porridge supplement, they were still not able to give the children a substantial meal every day. Because of the economy and the hard times that many families are experiencing the total amount of learners in need is up to 200.

We have thus undertaken to supply the school with 50 loaves of bread, together with fresh vegetables and Orange Juice which we deliver once a week. This list changes as we contact them regularly to make sure that we are supplying them with a varied diet. 'Granny' who greets us each week with such warmth is the very special lady in the kitchen, who does the cooking and feeds the children every day with much love and care.

John 21: 16 Again Jesus said, "Simon, son of John, do you truly love me"?
He answered "Yes Lord, you know that I love you"
Jesus said "Take care of my sheep"

''It is with most sincere hearts that we thank you and your congregation for the amazing support that you are giving the children. The people of your church have supported us tirelessly for many years, with sanwiches every Monday, and now you have committed to supplying us with vegetables and bread weekly. This is making an incredible difference in the lives of our children who can focus on their work and not their emply tummies''

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crosstown said...

Such a wonderful thing for your congregation to do. Our Church ladies group helps to finance a breakfast program at our local school but this is a big commitment for your congregation. Well done.