Saturday, 21 February 2009


As I have said before our Farm is not a real farm, it is about 10 kms from Parys, a little and very old town in the Free State, it was known as the Orange Free State before the new South Africa.
We are at the farm at present come here every two weeks for a week, love it here every now and again will see a Scrub hare, or something else, yesterday a Hare came jumping up and thought it would have a quite nibble on the lawn, you could see it stop, in disgust, when it saw the dogs and us sitting on the veranda, as though to say Oh! damn, and started and hop off in the other direction, of course the dogs all ran after him, but no one can out run a hare, as the tortoise knows.

We have some swallows, nesting somewhere, been coming here years, them or their off spring. They used to build their nest on the veranda, which was lovely, then all of a sudden if we sat outside they would dive bomb us, cheeky little buggers. The following years we did not allow them to build their nest on the veranda, but they are somewhere nearby, cause we see them all the time, they sit on the window frame, spying out the menu. If only they could talk and tell us where they have been for the winter and where they are going. I have heard, it is not the climate that sends them around the world, but the insects that dictate that they must move on. It never is that cold here, even though we think it is!!!!


Abruptly Calico said...

Back home before the parents died, they had land. Open land. On the front porch we as children would sit around and listen as the adults talked, told stories.
Remember those dark starry night. The sounds of whipowils, the crickets and the frogs.
Got a great place there, farm or not.. its home.

Abruptly Calico said...

Hey, thanks for adding me as a follower. Nicest think so fr with this blog thing. Anyway I have enjoyed reading your blogs.
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Thanks again!

rachel (Abruptly Calico)