Thursday, 26 February 2009


There is an award going around at the moment and Abruptly Calico nominated me, now I must nominate 5 other bloggers, will give it some thought, the nomination bit. I must list 5 reasons why life is grand:
I am sure that must be easy because life is grand for hundreds of reasons the best being Jesus Love us.

1. Jesus loves me.

2. I can see, spec for reading, but I am not blind.

3. We have enough to eat and drink. Big yes yes for me.

4. My two children have married and left home safely and produced 1 healthy and wonderful grandchild each.

5. I am very happy that I still have the Brain God gave me, Still trying to hold on to it.!!!!!

1 comment:

Abruptly Calico said...

Amen to the brain part!