Thursday, 11 December 2008


No, Barbara I still post the christmas cards to all, but it will be this one that I have posed here. I do get all the comments that you Darlings have posted, it really makes my day. I very often think about the old days with us and the kids, we had some great times with them and in those days we were allowed to give them a smack. We are looking after Cassidy to-day, she is so sweet no trouble plays along by herself, I make her porridge, thinking that it was instant and mixed a bit of milk with it, the child said it tasted like sand, no wonder it had to be cooked!!!! I thought we lived in the years of instant.

Yesterday we took Lee and Cassidy to have their photos taken by Father Christmas, we have learned much from last year, we grabbed a trolly and put them in it before they ran us wild in the Cresta, the shopping centre. I saw a Virtural picture frame, I would love one the more pictures I can show at once the happier I am.

The above picture of the kids is not the Christmas card, do not want to confuse the issue.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely delightful photo of Lee and Cassie with santa.You must be very proud. I am off to LIsa's for a couple of days this week, it is her 40th, Hal is travelling down so why Lisa and co go out to celebrate I shall Uma and Anna to look after.Very interesting to see how the babies interact. Luv B xx

Hummie said...

What beautiful children...and an authentic Santa!