Wednesday, 10 December 2008


I fell yesterday, bending down picking something up and i lost my balance and come tumbling down on my face, I am so consious of my arms after the last lot, that i fell flat on my face and head. I got a big fright,as I am always falling and don't want to do too much damage like I did last time. I am now the proud owner of a lovely black eye and a bit of a sore head and a stiff neck. Poor old Tony I drive him mad, he is always so nervous that I will fall and really do damage.


Anonymous said...

you are definitely the clumsey clog, hope you are not feeling to sore today.
have not done any christmas shopping yet better get my skates on.
little jared is now crawling when i work out how to use this blog i will post photo's.
luv you lots

Anonymous said...

Don't know how this works, will try.Lovely to speak to you, I do misss you. Sorry about your fall hope that you are improving. I have to select a profile for this comment will try but don't really understand Bx