Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Yesterday morning Tania and Rudi Bronkhorst, met their first baby, what a joy, to see that little thing who has been sharing your body for 9 months. She was C-Section due to complications, as she was born in Parys, I was worried about something like this happening, but Thank The Lord the doctors delivered her successfully. She weighed 3.02kgs. and looks like a little angle. her face is a bit swollen but will go down in no time at all.
Now my brother and sister-in-law are G.Parents first time for Fred. But proud as you can imagine, can wait for little Mikayla to come home, I will be there in all my glory inspections and examining and giveing my twopence worth. I have no other nieces or nephews, so old bossy boots will be in there.
May the Lord Bless her and keep her close to him for ever and may she love Jeasus with all her heart.

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