Tuesday, 23 December 2014


Hello my Darls,
Here we are at another Christmas, I think this year has flown by even quicker than the last 70 odd. All excitement running wild all over your house as happy as mine, God has Bless us.
I am trying to watch the Cube, write this and listen to the kids, one ounce of their energy I need.  My goodness is it not so wonderful being a child this time of the year,
So many poor little ones have nothing, I think  there are more than the haves.  I have seen this in our own country, the rich get richer and the poor suffer more and more.  So many people give and help but never enough.  I see Prince Harry has been in Lestho  trying to do something for them poor little ones, Africa is overflowing with suffering and now with Ebola, so far it has not come down here, but wondering when everyone comes back to SA from their holidays.  99% of the people do not understand what is going on and the treatment.  They try and teach people what to do and not, but what is tradition is tradition.  One of the rules is not to kiss or wash etc your loved one that the desease does not die when the patient has passed.    I know if  you all know this but do you understand the poor people who are affected.
Not wanting to be depressing, but these sad happening happen all over the world one way or the other.
Not feeling very well this year, I have made many Christmas Cards and enjoyed it very much, but sad to say I have not posted one, so all my friends who were exception Cards I am very sorry but hope to be better next year.
Love you all and thanks for following me, I get so much pleasure from you all and the hobbies you have all helped me with.    Will be back tomorrow.     xxxx 

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Desire Fourie said...

This time of year is definitely a time to reflect, but also count our blessings.
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