Sunday, 9 November 2014


Hello all my friends,  hope you are all happy,  I do not feel so happy to-day, I wish Gordon could get a job, I know there are thousands with out.  Oh dear what a world, and all our Darlings who died so that we may all be free.  Bless them and we will never forget.

For those of you who like colouring, and have the time, please take this and give it a go, if you do not finish what the hell.  I would love it if your took it,  took me a while to create it, and I loved doing it.

Lovies from Pumpy 


Loz said...

Fabulous zentangle drawing Pumpy.. I am sure Gordon will get a job soon..Loz

Wesens-Art said...

This is so beautiful!
Hugs from Germany