Friday, 24 October 2014


For many years we have had this tree in our garden, my late Mother loved them, we have it in memory of her, it is such a beautiful flower and in bloom now.
Did we really appreciate our Darling Mothers when we had them, all the family stories they could have caught up on.   We have a chest made by my great grandfather and I did not even know anything about him, or the chest, and she would have known.
The moments we were cross with her, did not feel like going somewhere with her.
The usual silly things people get up too.
Will never forget you Mom  (Vera Elizabeth Williams (Miller)) and always love you,  will see you one day, I hope you know I did not mean to be a cross patch.
One thing I say, I would hate to be starting my life again, and all the trials and tribulations we have, and going to School, hated that.    But then one must remember all the fun and love we have shared with friends and relations, and talking about love our pets who are waiting there for us.  

Bless you all.   


Desire Fourie said...

Lots of wisdom here my friend. Yes there is not a day that goes by that my late Mom and Dad are not in my thoughts and being. The coral tree flowers is gorgeous.
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Loz said...

The coral tree is Stunning Pumpy. I have never heard of it before..Loz