Friday, 20 June 2014


Hi too my new and old followers, get excited to see a new one, welcome all.
Do you know I wonder around this wonderful laptop of mine and come across most of you here there and every where,  in case I have not come across you somewhere, it is because I have not stumbled the correct way,  love looking and dreaming, if I did less of that then I might do more work.
We have wonderful weather here,  I think that winter has forgotten to come, lovely and sunny, a bit chilly at night, but otherwise all hunky dory,  something I must tell you in case you have not noticed I am not a very good speller, the teacher did not like me...
Here is a little something for you to look at, a bit different.

Hope his kept you amused for a little while.

Lovies from Pumpy.   


Desire Fourie said...

My dearest Pam. Totally agree our Highveld winters have wonderful sunny days, with cold nights, but then the electric blanket is doing its thing in helping to get into a warm bed. Just purchased a new one for our king sized extra length, as we donated our old one to charity when we moved last year xxx Just adore your little ostrich (struisie), he looks quite curious, was he chasing your car?
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

MaryH said...

Hi Pumpy,Been MIA for a bit, hoping to get round more frequently now. As always enjoyed seeing the pictures of that fascinating world where you live. (well, I didn't like the croc, but at least I didn't have to encounter him!). You're a terrific photographer. Hope you & yours are keeping well, and how odd to think you are ready for winter, when we are in the heat of summer. Lovely for you to have the pleasant days & chilly nights to sleep under downy quilts or comforters. Take care & God Bless. Hugs. Off to see some of your earlier posts that I missed.

Skye said...

Fab photos. Are the flowers from your garden and are they azaleas?
Yes winter seems to have forgotten to come. I am certainly not complaining, I hate winter, but I don't want to be plunged back into another draought.

Loz said...

Fabulous photos Pumpy..loz