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April 3, 2014

Leading Christians who are faithful to God's biblical account of the story of the flood are giving grave warnings regarding Hollywood's worldly offering of "Noah."
Ken Ham writes an eye-opening forewarning that "there is barely a hint of biblical fidelity in this film. It is an unbiblical, pagan film from its start." You can read his entire opinion piece in Time magazine here.
AFA strongly urges Christians to reject Hollywood's "Noah" and seek truth instead of fiction for these reasons:
The Hollywood version is heretical doctrine. Even its producer, avowed atheist Darren Aronofsky, admits his movie is "the least biblical biblical film ever made."
Christians and non-Christians will be deceived. It distorts the godly character of Noah. (Noah gets the idea to build the ark from a magic potion, rather than from God.)
• "Noah"; was designed to be entertainment, rather than an inspirational film. In short, it's just plain Hollywood.
Be a truthseeker, be a truth-sharer
Evangelist Ray Comfort has produced a brand-new powerful 30-minute film about the biblical Noah and the last days prophecies.
Noah and the Last Days is a perfect witnessing tool for sharing the Gospel with family, friends and Sunday School classes.
Ray is letting us offer his Noah and the Last Days DVD to you for only $5.00 each!
First, watch the trailer. You'll get a great overview of just how this video can impact non-believing friends you know.
Once you've seen the trailer, I know you will want a personal copy for yourself. Ray is letting us offer his Noah and the Last Days DVD to you for only $5.00 each!
Noah and the Last Days DVD will release and ship to you on Tuesday, April 8.
Please, if you do nothing else, watch the trailer!
Thanks for caring enough to get involved.


Bert Harper
Director of Marriage, Family,
and Pastoral Ministries

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