Saturday, 20 April 2013


Hi  all my friends, I was still fast asleep when Tony took this sunrise. it is from Verandah, overlooking False bay.  Summer Set West, on that side, the Strand, Gordons Bay  to name a few.

We went to visit our Darling friend Shiela to day, she has ill  for a long time, and one thing leads to another.  Her memory is not what is used to be as these things happen to us who grow old.    Her husband of many years died about 5 years ago and her parents many years ago, brother also long ago, and the poor Darling thinks she is going out with her loved ones, she  cannot understand why her husband does not come and visit her,   Mandy her daughter tells her he has died but you know,  she cannot remember.   I cannot imagine how she must feel  looking for my old man every day and he does not come and visit.    It is so very sad.  I pray to God that he might take our Darling Shiela home to be with him and the ones she loves.
I feel so sad to day.     God Bless, her and all my Dear friends who read this.    xxx

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Desire Fourie said...

Oh my dearest Pam, this is sad and can happen to all of us one day. So pleased you visited your friend today.