Thursday, 25 April 2013


In the evening I sit and sip a glass of wine, watch tv.  and make is lovely little things.   Can be used for many things,   Pins,  door knob hangers, hair pins,  put on ribbon and tied in hair, Mobiles, sew onto dresses and funky necklace, Coasters if I make them flat enough, embellishments for Scrapping  and all kinds of great ideas.   Please buy some  I would love R20.00 each plus a bit of postage.
You can tell me what colour size and all that, most accommodating I am.  !!!!
I want to make door stops and some other goodies and hope to be swamped.
Will organise with Pay Pal if you e mail little me.
Don't have to tell you I will be jumping all over the place, with joy.

Blowing my own horn.......   Aren't they to die for     LOL 


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