Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Good day, my friends and followers I am happy to say that I have a few new, so very pleased about this.  
I seem to have lost my MoJo for a while, it seems to have gone, I am trying to find it don't know where to look.
South Africans had  a big shock on Valintines Day this year, when Oscar Pistorious shot and killed his girl friend.  Do not know what to think,  violence against women and all that,  does not seem to end.  He is in court to day, being charged with premeditated murder, and Reeva Steenkamp's funeral today.   What a shame and loss such a beautiful and popular young lady. 
It is so hot here at present, and I get so hot, even when it is cooler,  always the hottest and dripping with perspiration, and everyone is cooler than me.  I wish I knew of a remedy to get this sorted out.  Always complaining to Drs.  this week I was told that I am too old to take hormones cause it can cause complications such as cancer and don't know what else.  So will have to suffer in silence, or just suffer and moan.
Got an order for a 70th card, so done that, maybe will entre that in something.
Hope you are all keeping well and happy, will do a card tomorrow and entre it in a challenge, once I get started off I will go again.   I hope.!!!!!  xxxx



Desire Fourie said...

My dearest Pam. I know exactly what you mean re our Mojo's that seems to awol from time to time. Mine is probably on an island visiting his fellow Mojo's for a holiday.
Yes, I am so so depressed and feel terrible about the Pistorius thing. My mood seems to be so low at the moment, even having sleepless nights about it. Just hope justice takes it rightful course.
Logs of hugs from your also hot and bothered friend.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Anonymous said...

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MaryH said...

Hi Pam, sorry to hear you've not been feeling tip-top. Don't these Drs love to tell us our problems are 'due to aging'. Ha! Well maybe it is so, but I don't have to like hearing it! I hope you can get some cool, and feel better soon. Sometimes you just have to take a little rest, and then things perk back up. I agree with you on all the violence. It's everywhere! Makes me wonder how folks can be so cruel & mean. Well, enough of that. Hope you are feeling better by the time I'm making this comment. I'm behind again on my blog visits...trying to catch up again! Hugs