Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hi my friends and followers and the new ones, love you all and welcome the newbies,  It is not the most exciting blog on earth, but I do so love it and u all,  I try to make it interesting for those of you who do not do crafts, but I am slipping up a bit. 
It is jolly hot here at present, and I do get hotter than most, always wet and sticky,  most glamorous thing around,  thank  goodness vanity has gone out the window many years ago. Went to my friend Desire Fourie and did 2 double pages to day will stick them on there tomorrow,  got the kids tomorrow they keep me busy,  love my craft goodies,  especially  the glue, one would think that the ate it the way they run thorough it but for them fun and for me to know that one day they will remember me for all the glue and paper they used.  All we want in life is love, to love all and be loved and remembered for funny little things.   I am tired now, been watching TV for a while now I am off to bed, nite to you all be safe and blessing to  all.    xxx

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