Monday, 25 March 2013


As you know, Gordon our son is a Jeweler but unfortunately is unemployed, he made this necklace to see if we could sell it.
It is Turquise, onyx and Cubics.
The price is R400.00  excluding  postage.   If you let me know I will send you a Pay Pal invoice.
Most grateful.
It really sounds as though I am really trying to sell this,   I AM  !!!!!    Very pretty even though I say so myself.   xx


Doreen said...

This is just gorgeous,beautiful

Kathy said...

sooo pretty.

Lisa S. said...

Very pretty design and I wish your son the best Pumpy! Hugs

Flutterby Trina said...

beautiful - I love the colour x

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Pumpy, just popped on to thank you for following my blog and for your lovely comments. I am now following you too. Gorgeous necklace and I wish you son all the best.

Linda xxx