Sunday, 30 September 2012


A wonderful good morning to you all, another sunny day here in Gauteng.   I have got visitors for lunch I am going to give them a  Moroccan meal to-day,  got the recipes from Google,  Too much chilli in one of the dishes now I have to try and get some more mince and try and dilute it,  I did most of the cooking yesterday.
I am also making a Moroccan Lamb dish, and couscous.   Hope it is good.  If some one has a good Moroccan recipe not too hard !  please post it here on the comments.
That would be nice.


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MaryH said...

Yummy, I would love to visit and have some of this delicious sounding food! Love your little froggie that I see on this post. My DH is a frog-person. His basement bath is frog-motif. Hope things are going well in your part of the world. Be coming back soon. Hugs.