Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hi All, another week has gone by, a little bit of trouble here in South Africa, sorry for the miners that were shot and injured.  The family who are left without the bread winner is a bad thing and the sadness and unnessary acts all in all are not good.   I sometimes think one lot stirs the others on, Politics is  a terrible thing they are all out for their own gain, power is a terrible thing.  I hope that it can all be settled now with no more bloodshed.  May the Blessing of the Lord be with all.

Next week I am going to get down to a bit of work,  I have had a bit of a cold and you know how you feel, like a washed out old rag, just feel like being on the bed.

Welcome to all my new followers, love to see that, and also the visitors and blogwalkers coming by, you are all welcomed and loved,  hope I can find something of interest this week to post,  all cards and things these last few weeks.

We went to the farm this past week and went out and bought 3 duck, a traumatic affair for the ducks, not nice for them they were in a box for about 15 mins and then let out into a strange pond.  Now we hear that one of them is missing, maybe it is a snake, we do not know,  if he was not injured or eaten he should come home again before it gets dark. 

One of the bottom ones are missing, I do so hope he comes home.

Another bit of news for the week coming is that Lee is playing in the Cricket Trials for Gauteng next Sat. 23 Aug.  so we are holding thumbs for him.  Good little player he is only 9, so here is holding thumbs.  
Night my friends.  xx

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