Friday, 31 August 2012


Good morning all,
We won our first gold last night,  Natalie du Toit won swimming,  her last Olympics she is 28 now, over the last 2 and now this one, she has won 11 gold and 1 silver,  Well don Natalie.   These games are amazing it is something to see the spirit of these young athelets.
The Blade Runner  is another SA. we are proud of, he still has to do his thing.  Go man go.  Oscar Pistorius.
I congratulate all the other countries that won and participated in the games.

Craft Market
My son Gordon and myself have a craft table
at the local Golf club
on Friday night the 7 September.
I really would like some ideas, made some Christmas Cards, a Note book
I am running out of time, I take some hours to make a card!!!
I have learnt a lot from my friends on the internet
Desire Fourie,  I go to her for workshops
as a matter of fact I went to her last Sunday Scrapbooking layout
then again on the 22 September for 2 cards, if I can move myself maybe she will show me and estra 1.


Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, your craft table sounds exciting Pam. You are so funny ... with all the thinking I am doing of you on my spinning bike, you will definitely be fast enough by 22 Sep for perhaps an extra card ... ha ha ha

Pumpy said...

Thats my girl, thanks.