Friday, 23 March 2012


I seem to be full of links the last couple of days.  But I love covered coat hangers and always looking for patterns.  They make great gifts,   I have a Plastic Kist that I save presents in for that special occasion,  as I hate going shopping, so when I see something or make something in it goes for that present for my special friends.
I am starting to build up a stash of cards, cause when you need one it never is convenient to make it, or you do not feel in a creative mood.   I will try and make a coat hanger and put the picture on here.  If you feel like it you can send me pictures of your goodies and where and how to make them and I will post them here.   My e mail  I would be so please that I will jump.  Post a picture of this also!!!!


Desire Fourie said...

Cant wait to see your covered coat hangers. My MIL always make them and they always look so special.

wooden coat hangers said...

I also love covered coat hangers.

Pumpy said...

I will look and see if I can post some patterns here, going away next week. But when I come back. xxxx