Friday, 14 October 2011


I will tell you friend, a lazy blogger is one that gives links to other blogs, but the links are good I liked the recipes, very much and then the Digital scrap page, I loved and must get myself going again. Have not made a single Christmas card yet. My friends want home made cards, even though they may not be all that wonderful.
Tony and I are in the Cape at the moment, a little place called Fish Hoek, on False Bay, where Seal Island is, where the Great Whites come and feed, a lot of them in the bay, people are always swimming here, but a few weeks ago a chap from the UK was attacked by one and he lost a leg and maybe the other one is in a grave way. They blow a siren to warn people that sharks are nearby, by I believe he did not head the warning. We are near that beach and hear the siren going about 3 to 5 times a day. The Southern Right Whales are here as well they come every year this time, but not many are jumping about, as they usually do, so I do not know where they are maybe will see some in the next few days, we are going home on Wednesday the 19 October.
Will come back tomorrow. So please come back and see if we have seen Whales or indeed a Shark!!!

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